Recent Events

Recent Events

Dear friends and supporters of the Ella Sharp Museum,

During these challenging times, we at the Ella Sharp Museum acknowledge the challenges recent events present for our community. As Jackson’s history museum, we reflect on Jackson’s proud and rich African American history. We remember Michigan’s first black-owned bank, The New Jackson Bank, founded here in 1923 and we celebrate Jackson as the birthplace of Tony Dungy, the first African American NFL Head Coach to win a Super Bowl, in 2007.

Yet as we struggle to make sense of recent events, we recognize how much more work we still need to do. For even as we strive to tell strong, positive stories with messages reflecting how proud we are of Jackson, we must bear witness to our community and country’s history of racial violence and injustice.

We express our deepest sympathy for the families of George Floyd and the countless others whose lives were cut short or profoundly impacted by systemic racism in America.

We stand in solidarity with our community and support everyone’s right to peacefully assemble in the pursuit of human rights and justice.

Along with many other museums, we are committed to pursuing equity and through our exhibits, programs, and events we will ask hard questions, learn from each other, and provide a safe space where all are welcome.

From all of us at the Ella Sharp Museum.

  • On June 5, 2020