Featured Events

2023 Art Classes & Workshops

Studios Under Construction

The Ella Sharp Museum is temporarily closing our three studio spaces for renovations and updates. We hope to give the studios a fresh face to allow a wider variety of art classes and workshops for our community to enjoy. We apologize for the inconvenience, but there will be no Winter Ceramics Classes or Open Studio during this time.

Sensory Time

Saturdays @ 9am

The Ella Sharp Museum will open galleries at 9am for a quiet museum experience especially for our sensory-sensitive visitors.

Did an Astroid Really Kill the Dinosaurs?

Multiple Showings in January

Did a space rock six miles wide slam into the Earth 66 million years ago and wipe out 75 percent of all living species at that time, including the dinosaurs? Explore the impacts and cosmic collisions across the Solar System in this dynamic new show. Include footage from the first iridium layer found in Gubbio, Italy.

Opening Reception

January 28

Join us for a private reception to welcome our brand-new Dinosaur Safari and Michigan Fossils & Ancient Creatures exhibitions! This is a special evening exclusively for our Members, Museum Donors, Sponsors and Educators! Cash bar will be available, light refreshments will be served.

Stargazers of Africa & Keeping Time with the Night Sky

February 4

This is an hour long event sponsored by Jackson College. The first half will be a presentation on how people used the night sky to keep time before calendars and clocks, while the second half will be a showing of Milwaukee Public Museum’s Stargazers of Africa. This is a first come first served event up to 50 people.

Space Tonight

Multiple Showings in February

Space Tonight is an informational mash up of big astronomy news, events, and education. Show content changes monthly, so be sure to check it out every month!

Stargazers of Africa

Multiple Showings in February

This show is a fantastical tell of the African night sky. When you think of astronomy, you might think of Orion the hunter or the story of Andromeda. However, did you know that other cultures have their own constellation and stories for the night sky? The night sky inspires us all and the different ways that we interpret it are fascinating.

Romance in the Stars

February 11 & 12

Romance. Forbidden Love. The world of science contains many stories burning with love and reckless abandon! Join the Hurst Planetarium for a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day experience, as we tour Earth, our galaxy, and beyond in search of romance in the stars.

Bone Cleaning Demo Days

February 18

PaleoJoe will be at the museum facilitating dinosaur bone cleaning demonstrations for visitors as they view the Michigan Fossils & Ancient Creatures exhibit. You can stop and ask questions as he cleans, prepares and repairs real dinosaur bones that are over 65 MILLION YEARS OLD.

Toddler Tour: Dinosaur Safari

February 19

It’s never too early to start visiting museums! Join us for our monthly Toddler Tours that highlights either our featured exhibits or the Hurst Planetarium, with changing themes throughout the year! Back by popular demand for another roaring good time, we will be touring through our newest exhibit, Dinosaur Safari! We will be going way back in time and walking alongside our giant dinosaur friends, exploring life on Earth before humans. Come join us for a morning of fun; playing games, digging up fossils, and playing pretend. This program is designed for children ages 2-5, and is approximately 45 minutes in duration.

Sugaring & Shearing

March 26

Mark your calendars and join us as we get back out on Farm Lane to enjoy the wonders of Spring on the Farm! Sheep shearing demonstrations, sap to syrup demos at the Sugar Bush, arts & crafts, maple syrup pop-up shop and much more!

Art, Beer, & Wine Festival

June 10, 2023

Mark your calendars and join your friends (and make new ones!) at Ella Sharp Museum’s 18th annual Art, Beer & Wine Festival. A favorite community tradition, we’ll showcase many of Michigan’s best wineries, breweries, cider mills and artists. Guests also will enjoy a tasty line-up of food vendors and trucks along with live music throughout the grounds and in our historic Hillside Farm Lane courtyard for a perfect summer day.