Featured Events

Toddler Tour: One World, One Sky

August 14 – SOLD OUT

It’s never too early to start visiting museums! Join us for a monthly toddler tour that highlights either our featured exhibits or the Hurst Planetarium. Themes change every month. Back by popular demand, this month’s experience includes the planetarium show Sesame Street’s One World, One Sky and a hands-on craft specially designed for ages 2-5.The program is approximately 45 minutes in duration and is limited to 30 participants.

Dark: Understanding Dark Matter

August 21

How do you study something you cannot see? Join us in the Hurst Planetarium to explore Dark Matter, the invisible glue that holds the universe together. Using immersive simulations, calculated with the world’s fastest supercomputers along with a touch of humanity, we’ll bring you to the forefront of contemporary astronomy for this 80% missing piece of the Universe.

Patio Party

August 25

Musical guest The Detroit Social Club along with Bright Walls’ Board Member, Clay McAndrews, will energize August’s Patio Party scene with ‘Creative Change in the Community.’ A cash bar will be available and Sylvia’s Catering says, “Come hungry to this artistic happy hour.” Patio Parties are free for adult members and $10 per person for non-members. Cost: Free for members and kids 10 and under (with adult). Non-members – $10 per person. Limited capacity – RSVP required.

Explore the Night: Monarchs & Meteors

August 25

Two great subjects, one enlightening night! Explore the Monarch butterflies’ amazing life cycle, adaptations, migration route and what you can do to help this endangered population survive. Like Monarch butterflies, meteors make their way across our universe and at regular intervals. Learn what makes up a meteor and how to identify one in the night sky – August is the perfect time of year to see them.

Life: A Cosmic Story

September 3, 4, 17, & 18

A Cosmic Story tells the 14-billion-year saga of how we came to be. It’s a journey from the microscopic view inside a plant cell to the vastness of our universe populated by billions of galaxies swirling in space.

Ice Cream Social With Larger-than-life Bugs From Around The World

September 7

Mark your calendars to celebrate our newest special exhibit, Small Wonders: Insects in Focus, with an ice cream social and loads of bug-themed activities such as crafty antenna making, live and acrylic insect viewing (complete with hissing cockroaches), and more.

Patio Party

September 29

We can’t imagine a better way to close out Ella’s summer patio parties and welcome fall than with special guest Astrophysicist, Travis Marlow. Enjoy Shorties Sweet Eats & Treats Catering along with a cocktail from the Patio’s cash bar. Relax to the musical stylings of Steve Berekmeir, and view the stars with our telescopes. Cost: Free for members and kids 10 and under (with adult). Non-members – $10 per person. Limited capacity – RSVP required.