Planetarium Shows

The Hurst Planetarium at Ella Sharp Museum

This magical planetarium is managed by the Ella Sharp Museum. Public astronomy shows are presented under the 30-foot dome throughout the year with a new state-of-the art OmniStar projector. The Planetarium offers shows featuring a live presentation of the stars, virtual night sky tours, private planetarium events and shows, night sky observing programs, and is a virtual classroom resource for parents and educations and scouting groups.

Featured Events & Programming

Winter Night Sky Tour & Auroras

December 3, 4, 10, & 11

Ever look up at the night sky and think to yourself, “wow, I wonder what’s out there.” Join us at the Hurst planetarium as we transform the dome into the winter sky. We’ll cover tips and tricks for getting around the night sky and things to look for as well. Best part is you won’t even need a telescope! Everything in this presentation can be done simply by looking up!

Toddler Tour: Lars the Little Polar Bear

December 11

Explore the changing Arctic landscape with a curious little polar bear named Lars this winter! This show offers a charming story about the adventures of Lars and his friends and explores the habitats of their real-life counterparts in the Arctic. We’ll explore his Arctic home, meet new friends, and save some endangered whales – a perfect show to teach young children about nature, climate change, and a little astronomy. We will also have a hands-on craft specially designed for ages 2-5.

Cosmic Christmas Light Show

December 17-22 & 27-29

Our annual holiday light show is here! This year we are picking things up a notch with our new light show with updated graphics and sound track produced by the Longway Planetarium. This is a must not miss event for anyone looking for some holiday fun!

In-Person Private Shows

Date & Time By Request

Look no further for a unique personalized experience through time and space. The Hurst Planetarium is available for private shows for your family, friends, club or classroom. We can show you the night sky from any place and time on Earth, travel throughout the solar system, or visit the edge of the observable universe! A Hurst Planetarium show is perfect for a one-of-a-kind family event, classroom program, special date night, anniversary gift, and more!   Call to make a reservation!