Planetarium Shows

The Hurst Planetarium at Ella Sharp Museum

This magical planetarium is managed by the Ella Sharp Museum. Public astronomy shows are presented under the 30-foot dome throughout the year with a new state-of-the art OmniStar projector. The Planetarium offers shows featuring a live presentation of the stars, virtual night sky tours, private planetarium events and shows, night sky observing programs, and is a virtual classroom resource for parents and educations and scouting groups.

Featured Events & Programming

Spooky Space: Cosmic Connections to Halloween

October 2, 8, & 9

Would you like to meet the stars of Halloween? Monsters, zombies, ghosts and their far more terrible counterparts in space? Oh yes, space has its monsters: black holes, zombie stars, and spectacular ghostly nebulae!

Space Aliens: Looking for Life in the Universe

October 15 & 16

Is life out there? how would we know? What are the signs to look for? If you have ever wondered about life somewhere else in the universe, join us at the Hurst planetarium as we attempt to answer these questions.

Ooky Spooky Light Show

October 22 & 23

Get ready for laser lights and musical pizzaz in the Hurst Planetarium! Enjoy 11 Halloween classics, including Ghost Busters, Monster Mash and Thriller, expertly choreographed with dancing lights and graphics across the dome. Great for ages 6 and older, it’s a best bet when it comes to Halloween fun in Jackson.

In-Person Private Shows

Date & Time By Request

Look no further for a unique personalized experience through time and space. The Hurst Planetarium is available for private shows for your family, friends, club or classroom. We can show you the night sky from any place and time on Earth, travel throughout the solar system, or visit the edge of the observable universe! A Hurst Planetarium show is perfect for a one-of-a-kind family event, classroom program, special date night, anniversary gift, and more!   Call to make a reservation!