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The Sun, Our Living Star

Now Playing Through April
Tuesday – Friday at 3:00pm
Saturday at 1:00pm and 3:00pm

The Sun, Our Living Star uncovers the profound influence our celestial neighbor exerts on every facet of life on Earth. Explore the Sun’s pivotal role in fostering and sustaining life, from enabling photosynthesis to shaping the course of human existence. Investigate how the Sun governs our daily rhythms, seasonal changes, and the passage of years. Journey through human history to unravel the Sun’s profound impact on religion and culture. Gain insight into the dynamic nature of our star—beyond its serene appearance lies a tumultuous and ever-evolving entity, consuming a staggering 600 million tons of hydrogen per second. Through immersive imagery, The Sun, Our Living Star offers an unprecedented glimpse into the Sun’s turbulent surface, unveiling its majestic power and captivating variability in exquisite detail. Visit the Ella Sharp Museum to see this spectacular show. Hours and availability on the show schedule below!

In-Person Private Shows

Date & Time By Request

Look no further for a unique personalized experience through time and space. The Hurst Planetarium is available for private shows for your family, friends, club or classroom. We can show you the night sky from any place and time on Earth, travel throughout the solar system, or visit the edge of the observable universe! A Hurst Planetarium show is perfect for a one-of-a-kind family event, classroom program, special date night, anniversary gift, and more!

  • Reservations for Private Shows must be made 2 weeks in advance.
  • Private Show availability varies based on our Public Show schedule and other special events.
  • The latest start time for a Private Show is 6:00 pm.

E-mail us at for details, availability and pricing.