Olivet College Student Art Alliance Exhibition

Olivet College Student Art Alliance Exhibition

April 4 – June 5, 2023

Art Alliance is a student-run organization at Olivet College that promotes the arts in and around the Olivet College community.

Members presenting their artwork in this year’s student exhibition include Visual Arts majors in Graphic Design, Biological Illustration and Studio Arts. While most members are Visual Arts majors, some are not, and simply have a passion for the promotion of the visual arts on campus and within the Olivet community.

Art Alliance is a unique feature of the Visual Arts Program at Olivet College in that the student members make an impact on the greater campus community as well as the Olivet community through their outreach, exhibitions, and special programs that foster the visual arts.

Olivet College is dedicated today, as it was in 1844, to the principle that the future of humanity rests in the hands, hearts and minds of those who will accept responsibility for themselves and others in an increasingly diverse society.

Olivet College’s mission is to provide an education that enriches lives intellectually, morally and spiritually to a diverse campus community. Having attained these qualities through their educational experiences at Olivet, our hope is that our graduates will embody the “divine art and science of doing good to others,” as stated by the College’s founding fathers in 1844.

The Ella Sharp Museum is proud to feature this year’s Art Alliance Student Exhibition.

The exhibition will be showing at the Ella Sharp Museum from April 4th through June 5th.