Fossils of Michigan and Ancient Creatures

Fossils of Michigan and Ancient Creatures

January 14 – May 14, 2023

This exhibit consists of Creatures that once lived in the ancient tropical seas that dominated the area 350 million years ago. Creatures such as trilobites, corals, crinoids, gastropods, cephalopods, bryozoans, brachiopods and even primitive placoderm fish. This exhibit showcases commonly found Devonian through Pennsylvanian fossils of the Michigan Basin which includes Northern Indiana, Southern Ontario, Northern Ohio, Eastern Illinois and Wisconsin.

Michigan Fossils and Ancient Creatures, created by award-winning paleontologist and author, Paleo Joe.

Paleo Joe has displayed fossil exhibitions at Museums across the Midwest and has created a traveling museum exhibition that is currently touring the United States. Containing over 200 actual specimens and artifacts. It is the largest and most comprehensive exhibit on Trilobites. ancient creatures that thrived during the Cambrian Period.

Joe’s programs are age appropriate and have received rave reviews from teachers and students alike. He has facilitated programs ranging from Montessori schools to the lifelong learning center at Saginaw Valley State University. He has been the keynote speaker at functions across the Midwest at universities, museums, church groups, corporate meetings, nature centers as well as libraries and schools.

Opening Reception

January 28

Join us for a private reception to welcome our brand-new Dinosaur Safari and Michigan Fossils & Ancient Creatures exhibitions! This is a special evening exclusively for our Members, Museum Donors, Sponsors and Educators! Cash bar will be available, light refreshments will be served.