Art á Loan

2023-2024 Art a’ Loan

Ella Sharp Museum’s annual Art a Loan program celebrates and shares the talents of Jackson County student artists. Selected art pieces are professionally matted and framed, then put on exhibit at Ella Sharp Museum. During the exhibit, local businesses are able to choose pieces to rent and display in their businesses through the next year.

This celebration of student creativity in Jackson County goes even further through a continued partnership with Jackson District Library’s Young Poets program. Art a Loan artwork is thematically paired with winning poems from the Young Poets contest and the two are displayed together on exhibit.

This year’s Art a Loan pieces have been individually framed by I’ve Been Framed.

On View at Ella Sharp Museum: October 1 to November 12, 2024

2022-2023 Artwork & Poetry

On View at Ella Sharp Museum

Title: The Big Nest
Artist: Landon Decoster
Grade: Kindergarten
School: Arnold Elementary School
Teacher: Heather Patrick
Statement: The robin is the state bird. The robin builds his nest with sticks and leaves.

Poem: “Morning Song” by Lively Hampton
Grade: 1
School: Homeschool

Hear the birds chirping
They’ll wake you up.
The squirrels are chittering
They’ll wake you up.
The sun is out shining.
If you open your eyes a peek,
It’ll wake you up
What o’clock do you think it is?
What o’clock do you think it is?
Morning, Morning!
It is morning!
Don’t sleep in, just wake up!

On View at Ella Sharp Museum

Title: Hidden Pictures
Artist: Skyler Carroll
Grade: 2
School: St. Mary Star of the Sea
Teacher: Cyndi Brinker
Statement: My papa had a cat and I love my papa and my grama.

Poem: “Colors” by Aria Allen
Grade: 1
School: Sharp Park Academy

Colors can be fun but
Only pink is a color I
Love pink, it’s my favorite
Only me I am unique
Red is fine but I like pink
Sunny yellow is fine too but I like pink.

On View at Ella Sharp Museum

Title: Twilight Sky
Artist: Aradhja Jain
Grade: 4
School: Paragon Charter Academy
Teacher: Grace Comstock
Statement: I was inspired by seeing a night sky on a road trip with my family. It made me feel amazed! It was really hard shading the sky and making the texture of the trees. Sometimes you might find something difficult in your life, but it will be alright if you keep practicing.”

Poem: “The Song of Sorry Stars” by Emma Brugger
Grade: 10
School: Northwest High School

Words can’t help me now.
They cannot send their souls
upon the seas of sentences
to hold the boat of sorrows up:
to keep the sad bow from sinking.
The sail upon the mast is torn.
The supplies have been thrown overboard.
The sorrys aren’t enough to keep the storm
And the sky of words has been choked,
So the ships sink slowly,
soft like honey,
while words of wisdom wish to whisper
and words of woe overwhelm
the sickened sky, soaked in grey,
and all the words whisk away,
leaving sentences wholly unformed
and begging for guidance,
lifting their lethargic limbs to hear no response.
And in their dance, the boat is tossed;
in their cry, the sound is lost,
and all that is left is crashing, crashing,
rain splashing,
drowning out the sound of the silent sky,
and drowning the sinking ship of sorrow.
All the while, words shine
in their celestial lofts,
and mourn the absence of their sorry brothers
And they send their souls to other seas
while the sorrows in mine flow.
When creation wakes from languid slumber,
Not to mourn in sorrow, despite
the loss of what the night has plundered,
bend their heads towards radiant light,
stars unseen no longer testify
and flowers yet do not complain,
birdsong fills the flowing sky,
as sweet, soulful, sunbeams rain
down from shining heavens above,
leaving no space for sore starsong.
Their light is drowned out by love,
and hidden are the heav’nly throngs
of nighttime’s scintillating birds,
that so often by their wings,
whisper to the poet words.
‘Tis by night, the poet sings.
But now, trees unfold toward the sky
and the grass extends its hands,
in their silence lift a cry
that wordsmiths cannot understand.
They cannot capture color’s flight,
nor believe birds’ beautiful calls,
for only outlines exist in night,
and words cannot encompass all.
Joyous day bring flowers bending,
soaking up whate’er they can.
Rejoice, for now the night is ending,
and the poet can no longer wield the pen
to write of sorrows o’er the seas,
to speak of suff’ring in stormy skies.
Now, only praise songs do appease
his writing hand and seeing eyes.
He no longer need to dream,
nor to sit within his pain,
when he lay beneath the beams
of hope that forever reigns.

And it is in this, that I am speechless

On View at Ella Sharp Museum

Title: Orange
Artist: Alleah May
Grade: 8
School: Hanover-Horton Middle School
Teacher: Scott Marvin

Poem: “Mango” by Elena Ou
Grade: 1
School: Sharp Park Academy

Orange Oval

On View at Ella Sharp Museum

Title: Denver
Artist: Nate Locke
Grade: 9
School: Jackson Christian School
Teacher: Mrs. Cathy Lehman
Statement: This piece was inspired by my place of birth; Denver, Colorado, where I lived for eight years.

Poem: “Journey” by Juniper Ramirez
Grade: 2
School: Homeschool

Day after day
Night after night
We’re still not there

Car after car
Truck after truck
But we’re still not there

Houses and trees
And the grass and the fog
We drive through it all
But we’re still not there yet

Station after station
Hotel after hotel
But… finally we’re there!

On View at Ella Sharp Museum

Title: Mountains
Artist: Zoey Myers
Grade: 10
School: Hanover-Horton High School
Teacher: Scott Marvin

Poem: “Serene World” by Layla Claus
Grade: 5
School: Concord Elementary

Your eyes so small and the world so wide.
Pearls in the sea, hidden deep inside.

The world you know, not the one you see,
Has magic deep down where only you can be.

Where the light shines bright, where the trees so tall,
Where the ocean speaks, where the north winds call.

Where you can be free at last,
Where you can live with happiness that will everlast.

Where you fall into water, but yet you still walk,
Where you can speak to the mountains, oh, how much they talk

Where you can dream in peace, without worry or fret,
Where you can touch your heart with no feeling of regret

Where you can rise to the clouds and dance within,
Or further to hug the stars and sink right in.

This serene world brings a feeling that’s soft, yet unexplainable
A feeling that’s numbing and uncontainable

This place heals you, warms you
You can escape the pain and the rue

This place lets you emerge new and clean
So you may return to reality

Even if this place is in your dreams
You will always remember these things:

Life is beautiful, this world so serene
We must help the trees grow, help the sun gleam

We must cherish the wild and the woods
Must save these things; must be good

This serene world is everything
For you and me, for anything

Because between the emerald trees and streams that swirl
We all have our own SERENE WORLD

On View at Ella Sharp Museum

Title: Halloween Night
Artist: Kaylan Royal
Grade: 12
School: Horton-Horton High School
Teacher: Scott Marvin

Poem: “Homework” by Harley Buck
Grade: 5
School: Hanover-Horton Elementary School


Rented Artwork

Rented by Rehmann

Title: The Radiant Dwelling
Artist: Julia Reynolds
Grade: 11
School: Michigan Center High School
Teacher: Tracy VanSickle

Poem: “Doggy Day” by Abigail Dodds
Grade: 2
School: Homeschool

Daisy was fluffy,
When she was small.
That’s what I liked
Most of all.

She puts her stick
On the ground,
And then she begs and
Lays right down.

Because she loves fetch,
The stick she will catch.

“Chase me” she begs
And she runs away.
These are the games
That she loves to play.

Rented by The Craft Agency

Title: Fox
Artist: Alexis Dreyer
Grade: 9
School: Jackson Preparatory & Early College
Teacher: Sarah Shirk
Statement: For my art piece, I chose to create a drypoint print of a fuzzy fox in the grass. I used a plastic printmaking plate, a sharp etching tool, watercolor paper, Akua ink, and an etching press. The thing that inspired me to create this piece was my joy for this animal. My artwork feels both wild and calm, since foxes are wild and free, but his pose is calm. My goal for this piece was to make it look as realistic as possible.

Poem: “Icicle” by Clara Uphaus
Grade: 3
School: Homeschool

Freezing rain falling from the sky
pitter-patters on the rooftop
dripping down like a long wet tear
until bitter cold makes it stop.
A sharp dagger shining and clear
sparkling brilliantly in the sun
waiting for winter to be done.

Rented by The Lally Group

Title: Forest to Space
Artist: Morgan Elledge
Grade: 11
School: Northwest High School
Teacher: Julie Evers
Statement: During this piece, I had to incorporate 2 different viewpoints and I felt like after seeing a reference photo the painting I did would look best.

Poem: “Forest Secrets” by Kolbe Uphaus
Grade: 6
School: Homeschool

Where ever slanting forest and trees
Shingled light with greenest leaves
And every forest secret kept
Where ne’er a thing has laughed or wept

And deep within this secret hold
Lay long forgotten days of old
The trees alone can tell the tales
But ne’er will the glistening dales

For they will hold in secret depths
The good, the bad, the health, the deaths
And every other thing that’s past
Under the green canopies vast

The ever bending branches and leaves
Where under stands the trunks of trees
With roots well under forest earth
Will ever hold all mis’ry and mirth

Rented by TRU Community Credit Union

Title: Sun and Moon
Artist: Honor Russler
Grade: 6
School: St. Johns
Teacher: Mrs. Russler
Statement: I made this piece by first sketching out my design. I enjoyed blending oil pastels for the day and night background. I then used black colored pencil to complete my tree and silhouettes. It was a lot of fun to create.

Title: “Proud of Me” by Maeve McGee
Grade: 5
School: Warner Elementary

No one can tell me who I can and can’t be
I am me
And I am proud of me
I played sports, I don’t do dance, I don’t like pretty princesses
But that’s okay because I am free, free
Free to be me
You try to tell me how to play and I say
There are no rules to this game
You can’t tell me who I can and can’t be
I am different and I want to be
You are just afraid to be different
You are just afraid to stand out in the crowd
I am proud
I am proud
I am proud of me
No one can tell me who I can and cannot be
Go ahead and try
You can’t make me cry
I’m not your puppet
You can’t control my strings
I am me and you can’t control me
You can’t control what makes me tick
You call me a nerd, you call me a geek
But that’s okay
I just say hey thanks for the compliment
I am me
And I am proud of me
No one can tell me who I can and cannot be
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me
I am me and I am proud of me
Proud of me
Proud of me

Rented by ARCH Cutting Tools

Title: Symmetrical Butterfly
Artist: Carter Zantop
Grade: 1
School: Trinity Lutheran School
Teacher: Lacina Stieber
Statement: My inspiration came from seeing real butterflies, I wanted to make my butterfly real.

Poem: “Flowers” by Megan Manchester
Grade: Kindergarten
School: Homeschool

Flowers bloom.
Flowers stay.
But not always.
They sometimes might stay longer,
But it’s most likely
They stay in summer
And go in winter.

Rented by Summit Podiatry

Title: Northern Lights
Artist: Lily Cruz
Grade: 5
School: Queen of the Miraculous Medal
Teacher: Sarah Bruneel
Artist Statement: I’ve always wanted to see the northern lights and when we did this project I drew them how I thought they would look.

Poem: “Won’t Leave <3” by Nevaeh Ross
Grade: 10
School: Northwest Connect

I won’t leave,
Not even when the stars don’t shine and the moon don’t glow
Not even when pigs can fly
Not even when my body quits on me
Not even when you find another Love
Not even when you hate me and don’t wanna see my face
Not even when you annoy me the most.
I wouldn’t leave no matter what. I Love you even when I don’t love myself.

Rented by Nostalgia Ink

Title: Froggy in the Forest
Artist: Lydia Kinaitis
Grade: 5
School: Parma Elementary School
Teacher: Scott Struck

Poem: “Neighborhoods” by Luke Zielinski
Grade: 7
School: Northwest Kidder Middle School

The illuminated sunset over the horizon
The crevices in the roads
Freshly trimmed green grass
The trees twirled in the breeze
Street posts elevated above me
The chuckles and giggles from the kids
Bikes rushing by left and right
The showers of water droplets on the concrete
The looming shadows of houses
The chirping birds
The lawnmowers in the distance
The crisp cleansed air flowing through my lungs
The undisturbed deer grazing on grass
A frog bounding for the grass
The separation from cars and phones
The wind brushes your face like a paintbrush touching a wall
The winding landscape over the horizon
A chipmunk bolting into the nearby brush
My voice echoes through the neighborhood

Rented by Dentistry by Design

Title: The Great Colorful Flag
Artist: Alex Charles
Grade: 3
School: Springport Elementary
Teacher: Heidi Rhodes
Statement: This piece took a long time. What inspired me was other students making American flag artworks, but I wanted to make mine more colorful. I was also inspired to use fabric, rather than just marker. It turned out better than I thought it would.

Poem: “A Soldier Fighting for Me” by Bella Berry
Grade: 12
School: Hanover-Horton High School

As I see he puts on the gear to head out the door,
A friendly gentle smile, as he waves his last.
Fighting for me he goes, off to save others
Others that are fighting for me with him, he is the soldier of my freedom.
Freedom for me and to others one and all,
The freedom is the one he serves.

It goes by week by week,
Month after month,
Day after day,
I hear nothing of the soldier,
The soldier that risked everything for me.
Is nowhere to be seen or heard,
I start to worry for my strong warm soldier.

On the day of veterans day,
I wait and wait for my soldier to arrive,
As I see the car that drives upon my drive.
To welcome that friendly smile once again.
I run and hug my soldier that fought for me.
So warm to be in the arms once again,
Of the sweet soldier that fought for me.

Rented by Dr. David Halsey

Title: Chicken
Artist: Jordyan Metcalf
Grade: 9
School: Concord High School
Teacher: Brian Couling

Poem: “My Crazy Day” by Tobin Sheley
Grade: 7
School: Northwest Kidder Middle School

Hey buckaroo
If I made you a stew
It would be made of kangaroo
That I found in the zoo
He would be blue
Have a tattoo
And the flu
I bet he would taste like glue
And after you chew
On my kangaroo stew
You will realize something new…
And you look down and see a canoe
That is made out of bamboo
And after you slurp up some nasty brew
You’ll put some in the fondue
Making it a bunch of goo
At this point, I might have to sue
I wait for your cue
And then we went for a walk on 25th avenue
During our walk, you needed a tissue
And that’s when I knew
That you were a shoe!
Later that day after I made that kangaroo stew
And after we made that kangaroo stew fondue goo
And after we walked on 25th avenue
And after you needed a tissue
And after I realized that you were a shoe
Then we go home and look at the view
The view would be a very taboo cashew
And then I argue
With that taboo cashew
But I got bored so I decided to…
Learn jujitsu!

Rented by Jackson Pediatric Associates

Title: Colorful Bubbles
Artist: Reid Marshall
Grade: 4
School: Hanover Horton Elementary
Teacher: Kelli Arbuckle
Artist Statement: I made it with sharpie, crayons, and watercolors. I really like smooth art and colors. That is what inspired me.

Poem: “Unfinished” by Thomas Hays
Grade: 11
School: Napoleon High School

A poem never tells the whole story,

but only what is seen by one person,
unable to view the grand scope of the
world from one pair of eyes. The poet is

a blind man touching an elephant’s trunk,
describing only what he can see. Yet
is this not the duty of an artist?

None of us can see the full picture of
life, instead describing what we alone
can know. I cannot know what role my deeds

may play in another’s life, what wheels will
turn other wheels, where the story will end.
I can only live my life, knowing that

I have left an impact upon the world.
Thus are all poems like stories: always

Rented by Henry Ford Jackson Hospital

Title: Heart Zone
Artist: Nash Watson
Grade: 1
School: Northwest Early Elementary School
Teacher: Julie Durocher
Statement: When I created this artwork, I tried to be creative. My favorite thing about this piece is all the patterns I used.

Poem: “I Am” by Elijah Loew
Grade: 3
School: Jackson Christian Elementary

I am a bear strong and tough
I am a drum deep and loud
I am a tsunami powerful and mighty
I am me loyal and determined

Rented by Henry Ford Jackson Hospital

Title: Together
Artist: Maria Velazquez
Grade: 10
School: Jackson High School
Teacher: Debra Irvine
Statement: Planet earth’s most innocent and precious beings have had to endure the suffering that us as humans caused. I decided to paint a tiger to show that even some of the strongest animals are struggling with the damage that has been caused. I hope that my painting will inspire someone to at least pick up a piece of trash that’s in their way.

Poem: “The World” by L’Mear Robinson
Grade: 11
School: Jackson High School

As we go on and the world moves along
The days go by and keep flowing
We think of ourselves not those who need help
For them, sorrow sings its song
We want clout and fame
We see the frame but never the picture
As we go on
The world grows sicker and we refuse to change
We move as if the problems of the past have passed
Yet they still exist
We have pollution and poverty
But we’re worried about a following
And all these material things
The temporary joy they bring
And turn our back on those around us
As if they were ghost
The people who are hurt smile the most
A great depression but different times
Feeling sour but from different limes
Different obstacles but the same climb
As I talk struggles in the state of rhyme
I think about this state of mine
And everybody’s state of mind
The solutions we fail to find
One would start to think something’s up
Maybe its not the solution but the formula
Too many variables to say there is no way we can make a difference
Or is it just really me
Having mental instability
To realize these indefinite possibilities
Do I see with different eyes
Am I naïve to think we can rise
And cut these ties
Of lies that negative opinion has created
Out of pure hatred, envy, and negativity
Is it really out of our control?
We all want to see change
But we drag our feet and mumble
Or speak in ignorance and arrogance
When we need to be humble.
A downward spiral, this world is beginning to tumble
And dreams are beginning to crumble
As we watch the world burn while sitting under our own shade on a hill
Living in fantasy and refusing to see what’s real
As ideas for better are being hurled
We need to bring them to fruition
If not for you
For the World.

Rented by Pound and Pound Family Dentistry

Title: Sunset Over the Mountain
Artist: Addison Hohenbrink
Grade: 2
School: Warner Elementary
Teacher: Scott Struck

Poem: “Thunderstorm” by Eliza Hawkins
Grade: 2
School: Jackson Christian Elementary

Dark clouds in the sky
Flashing lightning
Watering plants
Watching from my window
Boom, boom, crash!

Rented by Jackson County Medical Care Facility

Title: Sunflowers
Artist: Evelyn Wilcox
Grade: Kindergarten
School: Arnold Elementary
Teacher: Heather Patrick
Statement: I made a stem and the seeds and 6 leaves and 2 big sunflowers.

Poem: “My Family is a Garden” by Gemma Cable
Grade: 3
School: Jackson Christian Elementary

My Dad is the gardener helping us along.
My Mom is the watering can helping us all grow.
My older sister is the Tulip putting brightness in the family.
My brother is the vine going everywhere.
My little sister is the poppy bright and happy.
And I am the bluebell quiet and serene.

Rented by Jackson County Medical Care Facility

Title: The Rainbow Circles
Artist: Awbrie Schilling
Grade: 1
School: Townsend Elementary School
Teacher: Mrs. Suzanne Richardson
Statement: I like how I made the repeating circles.

Poem: “Hope” by Chloe Weston
Grade: 4
School: Townsend Elementary School

She shows her bright personality
With her rainbow clothing
Eyes so bright they shine like stars
When I look into her eyes I see a happy future.
Before I see them
I smell chocolate that is very strong and sweet.
I see her and then
When I look away she is gone.
She comes when she is needed.
Her touch is warm and makes me feel reborn.
She always has a picture of their family.
Light voice that sounds like a beautiful symphony.
She likes to say,
“You will find happiness soon.”

Rented by Jackson County Medical Care Facility

Title: Sunrise
Artist: Calla Sorensen
Grade: 3
School: Northwest Elementary School
Teacher: Jessica Crandell
Statement: I liked this project because it was fun and colorful. I like to use color as an artist. This piece is of a sunrise, so I chose colors to match that.

Poem: “No Same Road” by Hunter Miller
Grade: 5
School: Homeschool

Do not take the same road twice,
For there will be a wrong or price.
One time is all you need,
To cross that path twice will live greed.
Small or large, big or small,
No same road will be as tall.
I crossed that road once,
Never saw it again,
For at that time, I was ten.
That road was deep and went on forever,
So this was my choice altogether.

Rented by Jackson County Medical Care Facility

Title: Wild Flowers
Artist: Addison Wright
Grade: 9
School: Western High School
Teacher: Dana VanSumeren
Statement: Throughout my whole life, I have always been immersed in nature, and a majority of my artwork reflects this. In my art, I try to capture small moments in nature many people don’t see or look for. With the help of my art, I hope to show people the beauty nature holds and show appreciation towards our planet.

Poem: “Wild Violets” by Aria McGinty
Grade: 11
School: Pioneers Homeschool Co-Op

Dusky cloud of purple wonder,
Belonging to silver and starlight,
Delicate petals of shimmering silk,
The gentle gems of night.

Sparkling blue or starry white,
The latter a beautiful thing,
With purple streaks in its frosty heart,
The color of an angel’s wing.

A moonlit glen flecked with violets,
Is a nocturnal fairy’s delight.
Among them who knows what doings go on,
In the hours of the night?

The shade reminds them of the twilight,
So they stay there during the day,
But are you perfectly certain, my friend,
They don’t dance the night away?

A harmony of unheeded blossoms,
The wood sprite’s amethyst,
Few people pay the credit due,
To what Springtime has lovingly kissed.

The violet is of exquisite beauty,
Is limpid, yet wistful too,
Always remember and always love,
This flower of mystical blue.

Rented by Jackson County Medical Care Facility

Title: Chad the Chameleon
Artist: Zoe Schultz
Grade: 11
School: Concord High School
Teacher: Brian Couling

Poem: “Last Summer” by Ruby Weed
Grade: 9
School: Penn Foster

We liked to soak in cool water
Lying in the sun
We had many conversations
Talking one on one

There we sat in the dark
Staying out till ten
Knowing that when we woke
We’d rush outside again

I saw you ev’ry Friday
For one summer season
Why that changed in the fall
I don’t know the reason

So I wait for you every day
To remember me
I’ll always know that last summer
My best friend was Karlee

Rented by Jackson County Medical Care Facility

Title: Beauty of the Bees
Artist: Abby Losey
Grade: 12
School: Springport High School
Teacher: Heidi Rhodes
Statement: My freshman year, I made this bee stamp just days before school was shut down for the pandemic and I was never able to print it. This year, I had the opportunity to take art class for my final year of high school, and centered my printmaking project around the bee stamp I saved all these years!

Poem: “Flowers” by Parker Fancher
Grade: 10
School: Pioneers Homeschool Co-Op

Flowers that bloomed this morning
Will wither before the end of the day
In a constant cycle
All things occur this way
What once was vibrant as the dawn
Was one second there and the next moment gone
Slowly the petals have to fall
Marking the end of a beauty no one will recall
But in the last moments
As time stakes its claim
Flowers give something
So we remember their name
They give a seed innocent and pure
Unaware of the hardship they may endure
And slowly time creeps away
Taking with it flowers we want to stay.
But don’t be sad,
Don’t mourn my dear for this system was created by a heavenly engineer
Who plants the seeds when the time is right
Protecting them even on the coldest night
Until they bloom before having to leave.
The gardener collects the next set of seeds.

Rented by EpIQ Escapes

Title: Warm Spring Day
Artist: Elliot Hritzak
Grade: 3
School: Bean Elementary
Teacher: Scott Struck
Statement: My inspiration for my artwork was my little brother Bennett, also known as “King B”. Last year he had a bone marrow transplant and he was so, so strong. He got very sick after that and passed away. Now seeing a bumble bee reminds me of him. I thought about something to draw and thought about anything special to me, Then I thought about a bee. So, my inspiration for my artwork was inspired by my little brother…Bennett.

Poem: “Honey” by Hannah Dodds
Grade: Kindergarten
School: Homeschool

Honey is yummy,
Honey is tasty,
Honey has bees.

Rented by Willis & Jurasek, P.C.

Title: Bonnie + Clyde
Artist: Phoebe Byler
Grade: 6
School: Jackson Christian School
Teacher: Mrs. Cathy Lehman
Statement: Bonnie & Clyde are my pet fish. I was inspired by the color orange; I don’t often use orange in my artwork.

Poem: “My Family is a Book” by Macy Velker
Grade: 4
School: Jackson Christian Elementary

My mom is the cover
She protects us from harm
My Dad is the spine
He keeps us together
My sister is the pages
Because she likes to be
Together with her twin
Who is the pictures
Because she’s artistic and colorful.
And I am the words
Sad or happy, full of

Rented by F P Miller Co

Title: The Sun’s Warmth
Artist: Ryahni Gusman-Asunchion
Grade: 7
School: Springport Middle School
Teacher: Rebecca Sexton
Statement: This piece was my first-time using oil pastel and I found that I really like them! I enjoyed experimenting with a new medium and vibrant colors, and ended up using oil pastels for many of my artworks this year.

Poem: “Cheesy Day” by Onyx Ramirez
Grade: Kindergarten
School: Homeschool

I woke up one morning
The sun looks like cheese gleaming in the sky
Man, I’m going to cry

Fall leaves on the trees look like cheese
Oh geez

Yellow cars from afar
Look like cheese to me

Rented by Dawn Foods

Title: Weird Zoo
Artist: Patience Spang
Grade: 8
School: Middle School at Parkside
Teacher: Derrick Oxley

Poem: “The Poem I Can’t Get Down” by McKenna Tingley
Grade: 4
School: Townsend Elementary School

I’m trying to write a poem,
I can’t get it written down.
I can brainstorm but,
The words, they are running around.

Rented by Brown & Nofzinger, P.C.

Title: Evening Watch
Artist: Ashleigh Simon
Grade: 9
School: Grass Lake High School
Teacher: Amy Skidmore
Statement: I love painting; this project was peaceful and meaningful to me. As soon as I put building and painting together, I immediately thought of a lighthouse. I found some cool pictures of lighthouses that helped inspire me with my own painting. I hand drew everything and then started to paint. I practiced different techniques that I could use on my painting and began painting. I chose this lighthouse because my aunt’s father used to paint a lot and he often painted lighthouses. Unfortunately, he passed away last year so painting a lighthouse just felt right.

Poem: “Waves and Slaves” by April Ramirez
Grade: 4
School: Homeschool

The wind whipped the waves
Like rope on a slave
My heart sinks for them
Like an anchor dropping from a ship again

Eyes so blue like the ocean true

Sand so hot
Cliff so steep
Waves so strong
Ocean so deep

Try not to show fear
Ocean so dear, ocean dear
Run away, run away…
Like a slave

Rented by I’ve Been Framed

Title: Butterfly
Artist: Eli Noll
Grade: 12
School: Michigan Center High School
Teacher: Tracy VanSickle

Poem: “The Library” by Anaaya Joshi
Grade: 1
Paragon Charter Academy

I love going to the library,
It’s so much fun
I pick the scavenger hunt,
and run.
I find all pictures,
To get the prize.
Oh my God they have so many
prize to my surprise.
After finishing the scavenger hunt,
I colour sitting on a chair,
then I read many books I swear.
If you’ll ask my favorite place,
it’s library not beach, park, or space.
I can’t wait to go library again,
it’s a treat to my brain.

Rented by Krupa’s Boat Mart

Title: Telephone
Artist: Anne Beiswanger
Grade: 12
School: Lumen Christi Catholic School
Teacher: Alicia Miller
Statement: My piece is of a telephone on a desk. I chose to create a phone because I thought it would be fun, but also a challenge because of the cord and the dial. The phone is on a desk because that is most likely where a phone would be located, along with the corner of a picture in the top left corner to add some detail in the background. The background includes what would be the back wall and the picture frame, the middle ground is the desk and the foreground is the telephone itself. There is depth in my art piece in the phone with the different layers being different heights. The actual phone part is raised slightly higher than the piece the dial is on. Also, the dial is raised up off of the bottom of the phone, but the dial holes are flat. All of the raised pieces were heightened using cut pieces of foam board. I chose to make the phone orange because I found two orange patterned papers that complemented each other nicely. The cord was created with a spiral from a sketchbook.

Poem: “I’m Just Another Middle Schooler” by Olivia Bowsher
Grade: 6
School: Northwest Kidder Middle School

Some kids make me sad
They also make me mad.
They make me feel like I’m stuck in a cage
I wish I were a different age.
Then I wouldn’t be sad about the names
I won’t feel like I’m tied up in chains.
At the end of the day
There was no reason for me to stay.
I wish I were cooler
I’m just another middle schooler.

If I were to change anything about me
I guess it’d be my personality.
Sometimes I fake my smile
I have done this for a while.
One thing I could say about myself I guess
Is that I’m under a lot of stress.
I wish I wasn’t such a loser
I’m just another middle schooler.

I wish all the rumors would end
Because no one wants to be my friend.
It leaves me a little confused
That when someone messes with me, they feel amused.
I wish I had good humor
I’m just another middle schooler.

Sometimes school gets boring
It sometimes leaves me snoring.
I wish I had good humor, I wasn’t such a loser, and that I was cooler
I’m just another middle schooler.