What We Did and Why We Did It

Obit Index Team

What We Did and Why We Did It!

Type of information captured:  Death notices, funerals, internments, obituaries as listed in the Jackson County newspapers that were available at the Jackson District Library and Ella Sharp Museum as of  September 21, 2021.

Scope of information gathered:

  1. Michigan deaths, funerals, internments, obituaries as listed in the Jackson County newspapers.
  2. Deaths, funerals, internments, obituaries that occurred outside of Michigan if that person had ties to the state of Michigan as listed in the Jackson County newspapers.
  3. Deaths of person’s in Michigan even if that person lived in another state or country as listed in the Jackson County newspapers.

Other information:

  1. Newspaper titles are indexed as printed on the title page of the newspaper.
  2. Names are indexed as printed in the newspaper.
  3. Dates are indexed as printed on the first page of the newspaper. If there is a publisher date error, we have indexed the item under the correct date and added a note.
  4. There is only one listing of an individual per page, even though there may be more than one reference listed on the page.
  5. For individuals that did not have a first name, prefix, or initials listed in the paper we have added a note stating their sex if the information was available.
  6. For children who have no first names listed we have added a note listing the parents name if listed in the paper.
  7. K.A., individuals have been indexed under both names as listed in the paper. A note has been added to the line items referring patrons to the other aliases.
  8. There are 3 columns listed in the index for page number: Newspaper Page # As Printed, Scanned Page # on Newsbank.com, Scanned Page # on Microfilm. This was done to make it clearer to the Patron where to locate the information.  Example: newspaper page # as printed in paper is 6, Newsbank.com has scanned it on page 7.
  9. The page number column where the information is listed is the medium that the review was done in. If we used Newsbank.com for review we did NOT compare what is loaded on microfilm.  e., the Newsbank.com scanned page numbers and the microfilm page numbers may not be the same.
  10. If something was illegible on Newsbank.com, but readable on microfilm, we referred the Patron to microfilm.

If you find a death notice, funeral, internment,  or obituary in the Jackson county papers that is not listed on the index, please make a note of the name, newspaper title, date and page number, and turn the information in to the research desk, (at Jackson District Library), or a volunteer, (at Jackson County Genealogical Society).