This is Your History

Your Story, Our Shared History

COVID-19 Digital Materials Collection

Jackson is living through history in the making and our experiences of COVID-19 are unique. We at the Ella Sharp Museum are actively collecting your stories and materials, both digital and physical, to make sure that our community experiences are remembered. 

We are all feeling the changes due to COVID19, but our experiences are unique as well. How will this be remembered generations from now? How will our descendants know what we went through?

We want to know your story through:

  • Journals (digital for now but physical when the quarantine ends)
  • Personal stories
  • Pictures (personal, empty shelves, livestream snapshots, etc)
  • Thought pieces
  • Correspondence from work or from your business
  • Etc.

Please consider including a picture of yourself or loved ones when submitting materials. This is your history, and we want to attach a face to it.

**The Ella Sharp Museum may utilize your materials in future physical or digital exhibitions. Your story is important and we believe it’s worth sharing.**


Contact Harrison Marcott,


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