Andrews Gallery of Wildlife Art

Andrews Gallery of Wildlife Art

The Andrews Gallery of Wildlife Art features paintings, wood carvings, taxidermy mounts, bronze sculptures, and prints. The artworks are from the collection of Andy and Sandy Andrews, longtime residents of Jackson and lifetime lovers of art.


Currently on Display

The Andrews Gallery of Wildlife Art features carvings, paintings, and sculpture selected from the collection to complement the temporary exhibition: The Living Wilderness: The Story of Berlet Films.


The Living Wilderness: The Story of Berlet Films highlights the careers of Jackson filmmakers Walter and Myrna Berlet who promoted conservation through their films. Their work brought audiences into an animal’s habitat, helping viewers understand problems facing the natural world. Now retired from filmmaking, Myrna expresses her creativity by carving animals from wood. The Andrews Gallery and The Living Wilderness exhibit demonstrate the many connections between art and the natural world.


Blue Bird on Common Mullein



Todd Wohlt (Wisconsin, b. 1968-2016)


Todd Wohlt became interested in woodcarving at age 12 after discovering an old rig of hunting decoys belonging to his grandfather. In 1991, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin at Steven’s Point. Wohlt is recognized as one of the best wildlife wood carvers in the world. In 1990, he won the title of “Best in World” at the Ward World Championship and he continued to participate in wood carving competitions around the world, until he passed away in 2016.

Paired Berlet Film title:

Bluebirds: Bring Them Back


Photographers: Walter and Myrna Berlet, Allen King, Steve Maslowski

Narration: Jimmy Launce

The three North American species of bluebird have faced threats from humans and from other competitors. Nest boxes can help them thrive, and the film explains how to place and maintain these boxes. The film also describes bluebird protection projects underway in the United States.