Andrews Gallery of Wildlife Art

Andrews Gallery of Wildlife Art

The H.P. “Andy” and Sandy Andrews Wildlife Art Collection spans over 40 years of collecting and includes carvings, decoys, paintings, sculpture, prints, and mounted birds.  The collection includes works from over 150 artists including many nationally and internationally renowned artists such as Larry Barth, Tan and Jett Brunet, Pat Godin, David Maas, John Scheeler, and Bart Walter.

Featured Artworks:

Most living things feature some kind of adaptation. Examples include body coloring and camouflage, variations in the size and shape of a bird’s beak to help it gather food, migration, hibernation, and defense behaviors. The featured artworks represent some of these adaptations.


Blue Bird on Common Mullein

2008, Wood

Todd Wohlt (Wisconsin, b. 1968-2016)