Prohibition Mixology Workshop

Learn to build the perfect cocktail with nationally recognized bartender and mixologist, Casey Miller. In this virtual mixology workshop, you will be crafting two prohibition era cocktails and discovering your inner mixologist.

Whether you’re hosting friends or unwinding after the workday, making gratifying, high-quality cocktails at home is a skill worth having. This class is your bartending 101 guide into spirits and a brief history of the cocktail.

This program coincides with our current exhibit “Spirited: Prohibition in America”.

“Spirited: Prohibition in America” explores the history of prohibition from the dawn of the temperance movement to the repeal of the constitutional amendment in 1933. Discover how the 18th Amendment ushered in the cultural revolution of the roaring 20s and how it still affects current liquor laws.

ON VIEW NOV. 11 – JAN. 7, 2021 at Ella Sharp Museum

Thank you to our event sponsor, Emmons Service, Inc.

Class Information:

Date: December 12th
Time: 6pm
Location: Virtually VIA Zoom (information provided after registration)
Price: $15 for virtual workshop

The deadline for cocktail kit orders is 12/6. Guests can still register for the virtual workshop until 12/12

Meet Your Event Host: Casey Miller

Casey spent his childhood growing up in Tokyo, Japan, but regularly spent summers back in Jackson, Michigan, tromping around the neighborhoods along the Cascades Golf Course (he apologizes deeply to anyone whose yards he, in his innocent youth, blatantly stole raspberries from). He attended Hanover Horton High School (class of 2004) before moving out to California to attend Claremont McKenna College. Since then, he’s been gallivanting across the globe, tasting and drinking his way through countries and cultures, with an eye toward bringing exotic flavors and cutting-edge bartending techniques back to the States.

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