Leaving Your Photo Legacy Hands-On Workshop

Leaving Your Photo Legacy Hands-On Workshop

Who gets your pictures? Who tells your story?

Please join us on September 26, 2023 for a hands-on workshop led by Certified Photo Manager, Marianne Behler. You will bring our own photos and together we will begin the process of photo organizing to move them out of boxes and into your life. Instruction for this will be given at the first session.

Marianne will share information that will help you create a plan for your photo legacy. You will hear a message that includes why do anything, what steps to take and how to approach basic organizing to get started and what resources to check out. Whether you have 100 photos or 10,000 and more, whether your photos are printed or digitized, in books or boxes. Marianne will help you create a plan that will prepare you to get started.

To help you prepare in advance visit Marianne’s website: www.lifetimephotosolutions.com

Each ticket comes with 2 guest spots to assist you with arranging your photos.

Date: September 26, 2023 at 6:30pm

Price: $15 ($10 for members) – Includes 2 Guests (optional)

Ages: 12+