2023 Art Classes & Workshops

Studios Under Construction

At the Ella Sharp Museum, we hold our community’s health and safety with the utmost importance while they are on our site.

Whether it be for field trips, special events, or classes and workshops. We have a six-acre site, with 11 buildings, operating a large variety of programs and events all with our community in mind.

However, some of these areas, like our Ceramics studios, have been much loved over the past 20+ years and our facilities reflect that! While a beloved gem amongst the Jackson community, our Ceramics studios need a major overhaul to clean and update these spaces so we can continue providing our visitors with a great experience while keeping their health and safety in mind.

The dust in clay and many of the glazing mixes and other ceramics supplies is hazardous to breathe in. Unfortunately, all our shelving and workspaces in these studios are made of wood, a porous material that is hard to clean completely to properly rid the studios of those contaminants.

As we move towards teaching children’s classes again, we must properly clean and store all dangerous and hazardous materials so we can utilize these studio spaces once again. In addition, we plan to completely revamp the space, adding much-needed storage as well as creating suitable, up-to-date classroom spaces that are safe for all students and instructors to use for years to come.

In the meantime, we are preparing to operate other class types out of our Multi-purpose Classroom, the Granary, and our Grand Community Room for all ages to continue to bring the Jackson Community a taste of the arts and culture that the Ella Sharp Museum has to offer.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we tackle this important and much needed update to our studio spaces. We are looking forward to offering Ceramics to our community soon!

If you are interested in teaching a class or workshop, please inquire with the Director of Visitor Services, at PaigeM@ellasharp.org.