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Below you will find answers to any questions you might have regarding your arrival, checking-in, and your volunteer position.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before Arrival (Click Here)

  • What to wear
  • When to arrive
  • What to bring
  • Where to park

Checking In (Click Here)

  • Where to check-in
  • Festival Map
  • Volunteer T-shirt, Snacks, & Water

Emergency (Click Here)

  • Emergency Contacts
  • Protocols
  • Lost & Found

Volunteer Positions

Set up (Arrive at 7: 15 a.m.) (Click Here)

  • Vendor Check-in
  • Vendor Assistance
  • Sales Room Set-up
  • Golf Cart Shuttle Driver
  • Tickets Set-up

Festival Volunteers (Click Here) (Please note your arrival times vary)

  • Volunteer Check-in
  • Parking
  • Golf Cart Shuttle Driver
  • Greeter
  • Ice
  • ID/Wristband
  • VIP/Vendor Check-in
  • Token/Glass Distribution
  • Musician Check-in
  • Token Collection
  • Tickets
  • VIP Room Entrance/Check-in
  • Sales Room Assistance
  • Alcohol Zone Runner
  • Beverage Pouring
  • General Event Assistance

Tear Down (Click Here)

  • Vendor Assistance
  • Volunteer Hub Teardown

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Arrival

What to wear: Comfortable clothing! Please consider the weather when dressing for Saturday’s events. Volunteers can pick up their volunteer t-shirts during regular business hours on Thursday and Friday before the event, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. T-shirts will also be available at check-in. Not all locations will have tents, please bring or wear sunscreen and bug spray.

When to arrive: Please arrive 30 minutes before your shift to the festival to check in. If you’ve already checked-in and are enjoying the festival before your shift, please be at your volunteer location 10 minutes before shift start. Some positions require training from previous volunteers

What to bring: Volunteer T-shirt and ID.

Where to park: Parking will be available across the street from the festival (north and south of the park playground). There will be golf cart shuttle drivers if you need a lift to and from your vehicle.

Checking In

Where to check-in: Hurst Planetarium @ Ella Sharp Museum. There will be signage. You must enter the building for check-in.

Festival Map: Click here to view the festival map.

Volunteer T-shirt, Snacks, & Water: Upon arrival, volunteers will receive their volunteer t-shirt, snacks, and a re-usable water bottle. All sponsored by BlueOx Credit Union. T-shirts can be picked up pre-festival on Thursday or Friday during regular business hours: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tokens & Glasses: Volunteers receive (1) beverage glass and can purchase tasting tokens at the token tent (See map for details).


Emergency Contacts: Valerie Herr, Interim Director of Ella Sharp Museum; Michele Pisano-Spence, Volunteer Coordinator of Art, Beer, & Wine.

Protocols: In the event of a small, non-urgent emergency, please contact Valerie Herr or Michele Pisano-Spence. Contact info will be provided day of the festival. In the event of a large scale emergency, please call 911 and then connect with the closest security guard or staff member. *EMT will be on site*

First Aid: *EMT will be on site* There is also a first aid kit at the information desk in the entrance of the museum.

Lost & Found: Lost and Found is located at the information desk inside of the museum.

Volunteer Positions

Set up (Arrive at 7: 15 a.m.)


  • Vendor Check-in: Locating vendor on spreadsheet & Map, and checking ID and giving wristbands. Further instruction will be provided upon arrival.
  • Vendor Assistance: Assisting Vendors with tents, tables, and chair set-up.
  • Sales Room Set-up: Assisting Chelsea with setting up beer and wine
    bottles for festival sales. Further instruction will be provided upon arrival.
  • Golf Cart Shuttle Driver: Driving vendors from vehicles to festival site. Vendors will be parked at the softball fields on the SE side of the park.
  • Tickets Set-up: Table, tent, iPad, and Glass set-up.

Festival Volunteers

(Please note your arrival times vary. Please refer to individualized assignments)

  • Volunteer Check-in: Greeting volunteers, checking in with the volunteer spreadsheet, confirming volunteer position and location, and reminding them of volunteer t-shirts, snacks, & water.
  • Parking: Organizing cars into an orderly fashion within the allotted parking locations.
  • Golf Cart Shuttle Driver: Shuttling visitors to and from their vehicles.
  • Greeter: Greeting guests as they are standing in line. Reminding them to have ID and tickets ready for scanning. Once tickets have sold out, we will transition to “This event is sold out – pre-purchased tickets only”
  • Ice: Using golf carts to check on beverage vendor’s ice. There will be (4) coolers around the grounds with ice. Use as needed.
  • ID/Wristband: Checking ID and giving visitors the appropriate wristband based on age. *Under 21 = Red, 21 and Over = Green*
  • VIP/Vendor Check-in: Checking in VIP Guests (Names, # of Tickets, ID/Wristband, & Glasses) + checking in vendors (writing down the # of vendors entering on behalf of an organization). Lists and supplies provided.
  • Token/Glass Distribution: Next to tickets — this location will be distributing glasses and tokens to those who have ONLY purchased tasting tickets.
  • Musician Check-in: Checking in musicians (ID/Wristband + Tokens and Glasses). Supervision provided.
  • Token Collection: Going from beverage vendor to beverage vendor to collect tokens from their buckets. Please bring collected tokens to the Secure Storage located on the map.
  • Tickets: Using an iPad to scan tickets as guests enter. Click here to view a sample video of how to check tickets. Click here to view a sample of how to sell a ticket with a credit card.
  • VIP Room Entrance/Check-in: Maintaining the VIP Guest list and making sure all that are entering have a GOLD VIP wristband.
  • Sales Room Assistance: Assisting the salesroom with re-stock and organizing of alcoholic beverages. Supervision provided.
  • Tellers: Processing tokens or alcohol transactions. *All Tellers have gone through a special training*
  • Alcohol Zone Runner: Delivering alcohol to vendors who need re-fills.
  • Beverage Pouring: Please review the Wine pouring and Beer pouring guidelines here.
      • Preview Wine Pouring samples HERE
      • Preview Beer Pouring samples HERE
  • General Event Assistance: These volunteers serve as our backup volunteers. If a volunteer fails to show up for their shift, these volunteers are pulled and put into positions. Please be on standby. Volunteers are contacted VIA cell phone.

Tear Down


  • Vendor Assistance: Assisting vendors with tearing down and packing up.
  • Volunteer Hub Teardown: Assisting the museum staff with tearing down and packing up the volunteer hub
  • Ticket Teardown: Assisting the museum staff with tearing down and packing up the ticket tables, extra boxes, and more.