Pandemic Self Portrait – Dana Van Sumeren

Dana Van Sumeren
Pandemic Self Portrait

These current times present new formats for teaching/learning for everyone. As a visual art educator, COVID-19 requires a new outlook on how art can be taught through the internet. Video conferencing, movie making, endless ideas and resources at the tips of my fingers, finding ways to use household material in a way that parents and students can follow, no grade expectations, art therapy, a familiar face for students to connect with— this is our new reality. How can I help? How do I adapt? What is my/our time frame? What can I do to help myself pass the time? How can I home school my own children? When will the virus plateau? Can I continue to make videos and upload content if I get the virus? Be strong. Be wise. Use time efficiently. Find new activities. Find the joy of being home with family. Be thankful. This self portrait encompasses raw emotions in a world requiring technological savvy where Zoom meetings are the norm requiring many of us to reach beyond our comfort zones.