Get to Know the Ella Staff – Michelle

Who is Michelle?

Hello everyone! I am Michelle Mikolajczyk (Micheal – Issac is how we say it) and in a few short days I will be marking my one year anniversary of working at the Ella!

Jackson has always been my home, where I grew up, but I have been lucky to live in a few places including on the coast of Ohio and Las Vegas. I have been back in Jackson for 10 years now, but I still miss living out of state. I love to travel and continue to do so.

My two boys, Carter, 13, and Lennox,11, are my world and the force behind everything I do. They are both active guys and being stuck home with them through quarantine has had many joys and challenges as a single mom. I now know why I am not a teacher! I was blessed to be a stay at home mom with the boys until Lennox began school. At that time, I went back to school myself, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2018 with a dual major in Sport Management and Communication from Eastern Michigan University… Go Eagles.

What’s your role at ESM?

I am the Membership and Volunteer Coordinator for Ella Sharp Museum. I love my job and enjoy interacting with all of our wonderful members and volunteers who share my love for Ella!

What do you miss the most during the COVID-19 stay home stay safe time?

I miss human interaction so much. I have had the pleasure of talking to a few of our members and volunteers during this time, which has been fantastic for my soul. I am looking forward to the patio parties and events where we can hang out in the sunshine and be somewhat normal again!

Where is the first place you are going when the restrictions are lifted?

We had a wonderful cruise planned for the end of March which was cancelled by the current crisis. I really need to travel! We are planning some vacations for the fall with our fingers crossed.

What is your favorite thing about ESM?

The story of Ella and all the wonderful things she did for our community and world makes Ella Sharp Museum a magical place to me. Although I love everything about the museum and our brilliant staff, my most favorite things about ESM is the people. Our members are the best around and it is wonderful to hear their stories of why Ella is important to them. Of course, our volunteers bring so much joy to my heart. There is something magnificent in watching others give so much of who they are to support the legacy of an amazing woman, making sure she lives on through our work. My heart smiles daily from all the wonderful people involved with our museum.

  • On May 26, 2020