Departing Tradition: Art Quilts by Deb Hyde

Sunday, May. 26 - Monday, Oct. 7

While quilting has a long history in the United States, artist Deb Hyde moves well beyond traditional patchwork and calico. Her intricate works use pattern and color to show the human figure in new ways. As she explains, 

“I want to represent the beauty of the figure in my own style, imbued with my own emotional response. This medium is time-consuming, precise, and restrictive (no computer work is used in its formulation). It forces me to concentrate on my interest in bold form and intense color and forego the extraneous.”

"Leda"  | 72" x 43"
"Leda" | 72" x 43"
Deb Hyde is interested in keeping the traditions of American quilting, which are mostly based on geometric patterns, and at the same time playing with those patterns to create a subject that transcends it.