Call for Art: Henry Ford Allegiance Health System Patient Room Artwork

Call For Art

Henry Ford Allegiance Health is seeking to purchase artwork for its new patient-care units that will create a healing environment for patients. A healing environment is defined as one that has a nurturing and therapeutic effect. Such environments can reduce patient's anxiety and stress, accelerate recovery, shorten hospitalizations, reduce medication use, lessen pain, and promote a sense of well-being.

Specifically, Henry Ford Allegiance Health is seeking artwork that:

  • Is welcoming, comforting and empowering to patients, families and staff, helping to reduce stress, fear and anxiety.
  • Complements and supports the "whole" patient care and healing experience, addressing physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual needs.
  • Recognizes the healing effect of nature by integrating art with sensory-rich elements that provide life-giving restorative energy and a sense of beauty and harmony.

If interested, please fill out this form.