Artist Lecture with Deb Hyde

Sunday, Aug. 12
2 - 4pm

Departing Tradition: Art Quilts by Deb Hyde on exhibit in the Hurst Gallery, now–October 7, 2018

 Join artist Deb Hyde as she explores the history of quilting in the United States through the lens of her small family collection of quilts and how that collection has shaped her artistic journey.

“I want to represent the beauty of the figure in my own style, imbued with my own emotional response. This medium is time-consuming, precise and restrictive (no computer work is used in its formulation) it forces me to concentrate on my interest in bold form and intense color and forego the extraneous.

Each piece consists of thousands of one inch squares of fabric, painstakingly placed, stitched together and finally quilted. Hundreds of hours go into their formulation. My inspiration comes from photographs, either in ads or those I take myself, or my own life-drawing sketches. I am the sole creator of each piece, starting with drawings and watercolor sketches, to the actual creation and tedious process of sewing and quilting.

Although the medium in which I create belongs to a great American craft tradition, my images, in their classical beauty and composition, raise my craft to an art.” –Deb Hyde


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