A Wild Life: Works by Pauline Pierce-Harmon

Monday, Jun. 3 - Friday, Sep. 8

"I have a deep love of nature and a passion for animals. Wild, remote places and the beautiful creatures that inhabit them have always drawn me to them. It was only natural therefore, when I really began to paint in earnest, that I paint what I love. I cannot imagine a world without animals but unfortunately we are ever encroaching on many of our animals habitats and destroying them. So many of our big cats are endangered along with many other species, and I fear the day will come when they will no longer exist in the wild and people will have to go to zoos to see them, or view them in paintings such as these." –Pauline Harmon 

Pauline lives in Jackson and enjoys sketching and taking photos of wildlife for reference material. 

Gallery Talk with the Artist Saturday, June 24 | 2 p.m.

Artist Reception with Craig Cossey & Pauline Pierce
Saturday, June 10 | 2–4 p.m.